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Rob Gronkowski Shows Off Super Bowl Ring to the Men of ESPN's SportsCenter in Brilliant Spoof


Rob Gronkowski Shows Off Super Bowl Ring to the Men of ESPN's SportsCenter in Brilliant Spoof

Howard Cohen

The hosts of ESPN's SportsCenter fawn over Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski's Super Bowl ring in a clever 30-second commercial that spoofs workplace cattiness.


As the scene opens, we see Stan Verrett, Neil Everett and Kenny Mayne exchanging niceties with the 6-foot 6-inch, 265-pound football player who had just stopped by Everett's cubicle at ESPN — in shoulder pads and eye black — to show off his enormous diamond ring.


Just how enormous is the ring? Well, we previously reported how the New England Patriots' Super Bowl XLIX Championship rings were the biggest ever awarded, weighing more than a quarter-pound and set with 205 diamonds with a total weight of 4.85 carats. Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft presented the super-size oval-shaped rings to players and staff during a private party at his home back in mid-June.

Now, back to the commercial...

On the surface, the SportsCenter team pretends to be happy for Gronkowski, but we can sense that they're all a bit jealous. It's a scene that's been played out zillions of times in offices all over the country — but not necessarily by men, and not exactly like this...


(The commercial opens with Gronk visiting the offices of ESPN at 11:32 a.m. on June 15. Stan, Neil and Kenny can't take their eyes off #87's impressive bling...)

Stan: Let us see it. Let us see it!

Neil: Wow!

Stan: It's regal.

Neil: That's gorgeous, man.

Stan: It's shiny.

Gronk: Thanks. Yeh, I love it. I don't think I want it any bigger though.

Sports Center guys (together): No, no, not at all!

Stan: So tell us the whole story.

Gronk: Well, I went and gave them my size, and a few months later we had a ring ceremony.

Kenny: Beautiful story. Congratulations.

Gronk: Thanks, guys. I guess I should get back to work.


(Gronk walks away from the cubicle and the SportsCenter guys huddle to discuss how they really feel...)

Kenny: Tac-ky.

Stan: Was that even real?

Kenny: Too much.

Neil: What is he thinking?

The witty spot is already a YouTube phenomenon, with more than 400,000 views in only two days. This little gem is guaranteed to make you smile...

Bonus Trivia: Gronkowski's dad delivers a cameo appearance as an office worker in the background of the scene.

Credits: YouTube screen captures; Jostens.