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2825 Sand Hill Rd
Menlo Park, CA, 94025

(650) 292 0612

Stephen Silver is renowned for our extraordinary ability to procure, design and handcraft the world's finest jewelry and gemstones.

The Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry Estate Collection includes some of the finest pieces from the Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Retro eras. Signed and period pieces are the company's specialty; many of which are from prestigious jewelry houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston.

The Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry Signature Collection exemplifies modern day luxury combined with old world elegance to produce true works of art. Exquisitely handcrafted in platinum and 18-karat gold, using only the very finest diamonds and colored gemstones, our Signature Collection is exceptional in quality and extraordinary in style.



Though Laurent Ferrier watches have only been available since 2008, their look is that of a refined Geneva classic timepiece. Ferrier’s 37-year career at Patek Philippe has much to do with this fact. But while Ferrier clearly started his own brand with an eye for purity of line and form, he is also clearly looking to advance his watches beyond the commonplace. His original Galet Classic tourbillon discreetly features a double hairspring. His Galet Micro-Rotor model is equipped with a unique natural escapement.

While such embellishments quicken the pulse of watch lovers, the value of a Laurent Ferrier timepiece is evident to anyone with an appreciation for beauty. The proportions, the crisp hour markers and assegai-shaped hands are all testament to Ferrier’s remarkable sense of aesthetics. These are clearly some of the most elegant watches made in Switzerland.

The Galet Traveller adopts all times on the planet with its dual-time display -- a useful complication enabling a smooth transition across the hours of the world at a mere press. Visually speaking, the Galet Traveller guarantees excellent readability thanks to its pure, pared-down design.

The son and grandson of watchmakers, Laurent Ferrier, the emblematic figure of the brand that bears his name, is profoundly attached to the excellence of traditional watchmaking crafts. His lengthy experience in the fields of horological design, technical research and watch exteriors vividly demonstrate both his assiduity and his inventive nature.

Several years after, the concept is still nagging Lucien Vouillamoz, who decides to reconsider it from a different angle. As former nuclear engineer with a degree in thermodynamics his research led to a completely new idea – involving the use of two flexible reservoirs attached to each end of the same capillary. The questions of energy and congestion are solved in one go.

“I nurtured a dream of making watches that represent my horological values: simplicity, precision and pure, uncluttered beauty.” LAURENT FERRIER