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Stephen Silver is renowned for our extraordinary ability to procure, design and handcraft the world's finest jewelry and gemstones.

The Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry Estate Collection includes some of the finest pieces from the Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Retro eras. Signed and period pieces are the company's specialty; many of which are from prestigious jewelry houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston.

The Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry Signature Collection exemplifies modern day luxury combined with old world elegance to produce true works of art. Exquisitely handcrafted in platinum and 18-karat gold, using only the very finest diamonds and colored gemstones, our Signature Collection is exceptional in quality and extraordinary in style.

News From Richard Mille


Corey McCarthy

Today Richard Mille reveals the successor to its most popular chronograph. 

The new RM 11-03 represents an evolution of the RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph. The timepiece will be created in white gold, red gold and titanium options.  The new RM 11-03 will be available at all Richard Mille boutiques and authorized Richard Mille retail partners worldwide.  Pricing has not been announced.

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Matthew Maciag

Haas F1 Team will make its debut in the FIA Formula One World Championship this season, becoming the first American-led Formula One team in 30 years. Richard Mille is proud to accompany this new and historical team in this year’s championship.

The partnership with Haas F1 Team is a strategic one for Richard Mille, as America is a key market for the company. The combination of technology and performance associated with each Richard Mille timepiece makes Formula One and Haas F1 Team perfect fits for the luxury brand.

Richard Mille, Chairman & CEO Richard Mille Horometrie SA, said “Haas F1 Team is entering the world of F1, building on its years of experience at the top level of NASCAR. We enjoy working with passionate people like Haas who are prepared for new adventures and break the mold of the expected, much in the same way our brand is always extending into new and exciting adventures in watchmaking. It’s also very important for us to continue our support for our partner, Romain Grosjean.”

Haas F1 Team will make its official debut March 20th in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne with drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez. Grosjean has considerable history with Richard Mille, having served as its brand ambassador since 2014. With an intense passion for timepieces, Grosjean has helped develop an outstanding collection of calibers for Richard Mille, combining titanium and NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon, which was originally developed for the sails of racing yachts before rapidly spreading to aeronautics and Formula One.

“I am very proud to continue wearing Richard Mille as a partner and as a driver for Haas F1 Team,” Grosjean said. “There is no better watch brand to align with the DNA of Formula One. The way Richard always gets a close link between watches and his partnerships is truly unique.”

Grosjean has earned 10 podium finishes in Formula One, and as the Frenchman seeks to add to that list with Haas F1 Team, he will wear on his racing suit the RM 011 throughout the 2016 season. It’s a model line inspired by the world of motorsports with an automatic caliber movement for exceptional performance.


“Richard Mille is a pioneer in the watch industry, and the company is renowned worldwide for its technical innovation and pursuit of perfection in each timepiece,” said Guenther Steiner, team principal, Haas F1 Team. “Their values perfectly mirror our approach to our first Formula One season. We share that desire to innovate and dare to do things a little differently without compromise to detail or performance. We look forward to a productive partnership with Richard Mille, advancing our respective goals and objectives on and off the track.”

About Haas F1 Team:

Haas F1 Team will debut in the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2016, where it will become the first American-led Formula One team since 1986. Founded by industrialist Gene Haas, Haas F1 Team is based in the United States on the same Kannapolis, North Carolina, campus as his championship-winning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, Stewart-Haas Racing. Haas is the founder of Haas Automation, the largest CNC machine tool builder in North America, and he is chairman of Haas F1 Team.


Matthew Maciag

Richard Mille is delighted to announce a new long-term partnership with the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team. It is a perfectly balanced partnership: both brands share a passion for modern technology, cutting-edge design and precision engineering.

The Swiss brand, a relative newcomer to the watchmaking world, started making watches in 2001 but quickly established itself as one of the pre-eminent players within the industry, developing a unique, immediately recognisable architectural aesthetic. Founder and CEO Richard Mille continues obsessively to push the limits of haute horlogerie, his engineers creating increasingly intricate, innovative and elaborate designs.

In comparison, McLaren has established itself as one of grand prix racing’s most successful and enduring names, having won 20 world championships and 182 grands prix. This year, the team will celebrate its 50th anniversary on the Formula 1 grid (founder Bruce McLaren first raced a car bearing his own name in a Grand Prix at Monaco in 1966), while pushing hard to return to the front with works engine partner Honda.

The partnership will see Richard Mille timepieces grace the wrists of the team’s world champion drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, distinctive branding appear on the new MP4-31 car, and a commitment to develop a unique and exclusive series of exceptional calibres inspired by the tremendous heritage of the McLaren brand.

Richard Mille, CHAIRMAN & CEO Richard Mille Horometrie SA, said: “As both a passionate aficionado and long-time advocate of international motorsport, I’m incredibly pleased and proud to be able to announce our new partnership with McLaren-Honda.

“The McLaren brand has existed at the very pinnacle of Formula 1 racing for 50 years, and its reputation for continual technical innovation, painstaking attention to detail and race-winning success perfectly matches the philosophy of the Richard Mille brand.

“The chance to partner with McLaren is particularly timely: we’ve been evaluating Formula 1 on a restricted basis for several years, but this opportunity has enabled us to engage in a deeper, more meaningful way, with proper focus and effort directed on a major team.

“For me, the association with McLaren is so striking, because I still vividly remember, back in 1981, when McLaren was the first constructor to introduce an all-carbonfibre monocoque to Formula 1. It was a technology that would revolutionise the sport – and still does to this day. Years later, I was able to adopt the same technical solution – a carbonfibre structure – for the baseplates of our watch movements and cases.

“I feel strongly that the Maison Richard Mille embodies the very essence of motorsport: we’re dedicated to the ultimate mechanical challenge, and we’re inspired by the concepts and materials used in Formula 1. For everyone at Richard Mille, this will be a thrilling partnership.”

Ron Dennis, chairman and CEO, McLaren Technology Group, added: “I’ve watched with quiet admiration as Richard and his team have built up the Richard Mille brand over the past 15 years. To have established himself at the vanguard of the watchmaking world in such a short space of time is an incredible achievement, and a testament to his vision and determination.

“For him to commit Richard Mille to a 10-year partnership with McLaren underlines our shared belief in the value of long-term agreements, and the benefits that can be derived from growing and developing together.

“The two brands share a distinct common DNA: a passion for design, technology and aesthetics, and I’m excited about the great work we can achieve together over the next 10 years.”

Notes for editors:
New Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren founded the McLaren team in 1963. Since 1966, when it entered its first Formula 1 race, McLaren has won over 180 grands prix, eight constructors’ titles and 12 world championship titles with some of the sport’s greatest drivers – Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton.

The McLaren-Honda team campaigns the 2016 FIA Formula 1 World Championship with the best driver pairing in the sport: world champions Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. They drive the McLaren-Honda MP4-31. 


Matthew Maciag

For several years now, women have been taking up a new stance in watchmaking. While they continue to endorse gem-set watches, they are also increasingly fascinated by the complexity and technicality of watchmaking. Always eager to please this demanding clientele, Richard Mille has created the new RM 07-02 Pink Lady Sapphire especially for them: an automatic calibre protected by a pink sapphire case.

The 1930s was an innovative period, when the famous Pink Lady drink for women was introduced. This balanced cocktail designed for female members of high society encapsulated a desire to modernize the rather chauvinist customs of clubs and their gentlemen clientele. In the same spirit that sparked the creation of this ladies’ cocktail, the RM 07-02 Pink Lady Sapphire brings a feminine approach to technique, cloaking it in the pink tones of this renowned drink. 

Crafted from sections of pink sapphire taken from a single block, the case of the RM 07-02 is extremely difficult to machine. Observing the manufacturing process of a pink sapphire case highlights the challenge its creation entails, from both an engineering and technical standpoint. There is no room for even a single cutting error. The case requires almost forty days of machining and finishing to meet the uncompromising specifications laid out by Richard Mille. Numerous tests then follow to verify that the brand’s resistance and comfort requirements have been met.

Beneath its pink exterior, this original and ergonomic tripartite case reveals a unique automatic movement beating at its heart. The new in-house CRMA5 calibre is assembled around a skeletonized plate in microblasted 5N gold set with diamonds. The same 5N gold is used for the flange and the bridges, whose hand-chamfered and hand-drawn angles and edges capture even more light at the heart of the caliber.

Like the RM collection, the RM 07-02 features exceptional technical characteristics such as hand-decorated and gem-set gold bridges, a variable inertia balance wheel designed to ensure optimum performance in the long term, and a variable geometry rotor in 18K 5N red gold set with diamonds, which adapts the winding of the watch to the movements of the wearer. The central dial in onyx and diamonds, the crown in 5N red gold and the strap in white alligator skin add the perfect finishing touches to this exceptional creation.

With the RM 07-02 Pink Lady Sapphire - a caliber boasting an extremely technical design as well as a highly sensual appearance - Richard Mille is opening his sapphire collection to women.


Matthew Maciag

The Richard Mille collection distinguishes itself by having created not one, but several models within a short timespan that have become recognized by collectors and insiders alike as ultimate icons of contemporary watchmaking. And one of the most popular icons must certainly be the RM 010 Automatic, whose pure lines and functions have always found resonance with clients everywhere. Never one to sit still, Richard Mille felt that the moment has arrived to present a new iteration destined to become another icon of the future: the RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat.

The mechanical aspect of creating a thin automatic has its own set of particular difficulties, but one of the dual challenges is to combine this type of movement design with the creation of a sense of visual depth within the movement - a central tenet to Richard Mille’s approach. The extreme use of skeletonisation in the RM 67-01 carries many clues in this respect, however a new approach to the dial construction carries the eyes from the edges of the bezel in three layers to the central area’s hour and minute hands.

The numerals in this new model have been created from solid metal and mounted on two linked and rigid titanium rails attached directly to the movement. To increase the sensation of depth, each numeral has been sculptured out of solid metal and filled with Luminova® in order to provide easy night-time viewing, a first for the brand in this category of watches. The vertical date window, now moved to the right side of the dial at 5 o’clock, is also enclosed in a window broadly outlined with Luminova®.

The automatic movement CRMA6 created for the RM 67-01 is a new calibre of only 3.6mm thickness, designed in house by the engineers in Les Breuleux. The baseplate and bridges have been created from grade 5 titanium and finished with a combination of gray and black electroplasma treatment, with a winding rotor weight in platinum. The back of the movement continues the extra attention to creating a sense of depth with extensive skeletonisation visible everywhere, including the large open worked winding barrel, rotor, going train and automatic winding mechanism bridges. The modern architecture of the movement bares itself in a mechanical story; even the 3 slotted screws on the dial side signal to the watchmaker that they turn in opposite directions to the standard direction and the extensive use of custom made torque screws seen throughout the movement ensure exact and codified application of their correct tensioning according to function and use.

At the heart of the movement’s structural design is the use of involute profiles for the entire going train, instead of the standard cycloidal shaped teeth as normally used in watchmaking. Such profiles can be found in transmissions of cars and many highly efficient motors of all kinds; however their use in the field of watchmaking is rare and exceptional. Such teeth profiles allow for a more efficient transfer of energy through the going train, thus providing superior chronometric results.

Between 1 and 2 o’clock, the function indicator for Winding, Date and Hand setting can be seen. Although this new timepiece is an automatic winding timepiece, it will require a little bit of winding when used for the first time or after having not been worn for a few days. The indicator moves as the crown is pulled out, thus taking the guesswork out of choosing a function only by touch or the number of ‘clicks’ as one moves the crown in and out.

The case of this new icon in the collection represents the first time that the inimical tonneau shape has been created in an extra flat form, making it the most sleek model of the tonneau shaped Richard Mille timepieces.

Its refined dimensions require more time to create than other similar cases in the collection, adding up to almost 6 hours of pure machining time, not counting weeks of preliminary preparation such as the 68 different stamping operations required for the bezel, caseband and back bezel. The machine tooling process requires 8 days of adjusting the machines for the bezel, 5 days for the caseband and 5 days for the back bezel. Prior to this process, developing a methodology for carrying out this series of operations took 145 hours, the drawings for the tools 130 hours, and implementation 180 hours. Each case represents more than 215 separate machining operations.

After completion of this machining phase, the watch case will undergo brushing and polishing, all executed by hand, then assembly with sapphire glass and sealants to undergo a preliminary water resistance testing, before being disassembled and undergoing a final quality control. Only then will the movement be mounted within its subtle lines. All of these operation represent a total of another 8 hours of work, making the Richard Mille tonneau case one of the most time consuming and complex cases created in Switzerland today.


Matthew Maciag

Designed for frequent travellers and others alike, this timepiece made a strong impression on the press thanks to its remarkably easy to use multi-time-zone mechanism. When designing the RM 58-01, Richard Mille’s goal was to simplify the setting of this complication as much as possible, notably by removing the need for a pusher in activating the time zone function.

 The RM 63-02 World Timer repeats this exercise, incorporating the World Timer function at the heart of a brand new automatic in-house movement.

The rotating bezel in satin-brushed and polished grade-5 titanium is one of the masterpieces of the RM 63-02. Mounted on ball bearings for easy manipulation, it can be turned to select the desired time zone. When the name of the wearer’s current city is positioned at 12 o’clock, the RM 63-02 automatically defines the local time as well as the time in 23 other cities around the world thanks to its graduated 24-hour flange. This blue and white disk distinguishes nighttime and daytime hours, automatically incorporating the correction hour by hour. The bidirectional bezel interacts directly with the heart of the movement, and ensures the water-resistance of the case—crafted from vertically satin-brushed and polished grade-5 titanium—to 30 meters.

 The movement’s designers selected the in-house CRMA3 caliber to drive the RM 63-02. It is assembled around an electroplasma-treated grade-5 titanium plate—the same material used for the majority of its bridges. The sculptural upper bridge is made from black-rhodium-plated, polished and circular-grained german silver, with round openings that provide glimpses of the going-train and World Timer mechanism in action. The RM 63- 02 caliber features an oversized date at 12 o’clock driven by two skeletonized disks, and a function selector which allows the user to navigate between the winding, time-setting or neutral positions with one simple push. Powered by a quick-rotation barrel that ensures the optimum regularity of the mainspring and a power reserve of 50 hours, it is wound by a rotor in 5N red gold and grade-5 titanium.

As part of our systematic quest to optimize the productivity and transmission of energy to the variable inertia balance wheel, all of the wheels in the CRMA3 caliber have an involute profile of 20°. The movement is enhanced by the hand-crafted finishes, which adorns the interior of the movement’s parts. Each piece of the movement requires many hours of work create anglage, drawn out edges, circular-graining and micro blasted bridges.                                                                                                                                                                    

The RM 63-02 World Timer will be presented at the SIAR (Salón Internacional Alta Relojería), which takes place in Mexico City between October 20 and 22, 2015.


Matthew Maciag

The newest version of Richard Mille’s RM 030 Automatic with Declutchable Rotor, cloaked in black with scarlet red details, debuts as the dark and dramatic sibling to previous editions of the popular tonneau-shaped timepiece. Like a carbon negative to this year’s White Rush limited edition, the Black Dash incorporates boundary-pushing new materials and a hand-finished innovative movement to achieve a new level of style and performance in haute horlogerie.

 Black TZP sand-blasted ceramic forms the front and back bezels of the RM 030 Black Dash, while its caseband is comprised of incredibly strong and light black NTPT carbon. The watch’s crown and rubber strap are also black, while the combination of red and white for its Arabic numerals, hands, indicators and inner flange produce a high degree of legibility.

Inside the case of the RM 030 beats an automatic caliber featuring a rotor that declutches automatically. With this system, the winding barrel is automatically disconnected from the rotor’s winding mechanism at the moment when the spring is fully wound. Additionally, this mechanism is linked to the power reserve indicator to provide optimal winding control. This allows both the movement and the oscillator to work with the best ratio of constant torque/power to provide the best chronometric performance.

The RM 030 Black Dash was unveiled at the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria in Mexico City this week. The limited edition is available now at Richard Mille’s boutiques in Bal Harbour, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, as well as authorized Richard Mille retailers throughout North and South America. It is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Technical Specifications of the RM 030 Black Dash Limited Edition

- Skeletonized automatic winding movement

- Dimensions: 50.00 mm X 42.70 mm X 13.95 mm

- Power reserve: circa 55 hours

- Baseplate, bridges and balance cock in grade 5 titanium

- Declutchable rotor in variable geometry

- Winding indicator

- Date display

- Free sprung balance with variable inertia

- Double barrel system

- Balance: Glucydur, 4 arms, inertia moment 4.8 mg cm2, angle of lift 53˚

- Frequency: 28,800 vph (4Hz)

- Spline screws in grade 5 titanium for the case and the bridges

- Interior flanges in carbon fiber

- Torque limiting crown in NTPT carbon

- Sapphire blasted and hand-drawn surfaces

- Presented on a black rubber strap

New RM 011 Red TPT® Quartz

Matthew Maciag

Coupled with its RM 011 automatic flyback chronograph caliber, Richard Mille presents the latest incarnation of its TPT® quartz case dressed in vibrant red. A unique color in fine watchmaking, it redefines the graphic limitations of this material.

 Since it was unveiled two years ago, Richard Mille’s NTPT carbon has enabled the Jura-based brand to produce cases and components with exceptional mechanical performances. Originally developed for the manufacture of racing boat sails, this material finds applications in Formula 1 chassis construction, aeronautics…and now watchmaking, since it has rapidly become the brand’s trademark composite material.

Several months later, as part of its constant quest for technical and aesthetic solutions, Richard Mille released its first development involving NTPT carbon, which was combined with TPT® quartz exclusively for the brand in partnership with Swiss company North Thin Ply Technology®. It was this combination of materials that gave rise to the RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal.

Wrapped in its striped white casing, this tourbillion caliber demonstrated to the general public the full extent of the properties characterizing this composite material: great resilience to high temperatures, transparency to electromagnetic waves and extreme resistance to impact forces of up to 5,000 G.

Its creation involves inserting layers of silica no thicker than 45 microns between layers of carbon using an automated application system which modifies the orientation of the fibers between each layer by 45°. After being heated to 120°C in an autoclave similar to those used for aeronautical parts, the material is ready to be worked by ProArt, the Manufacture dedicated to machining Richard Mille cases and components.

Research carried out on red TPT® quartz led to the creation of an intense red resin, whose shine is enhanced by the quartz fibers. Selected for its stability and biocompatibility, this pigment satisfies all the REACH regulations. The combination of red TPT® quartz and black NTPT carbon guarantees the uniqueness of every case, as the machining process randomly reveals the pattern formed when these two materials merge.

The new red TPT® quartz and NTPT carbon case ensures that the automatic RMAC1 caliber equipping the famous RM 011 is fully protected.

This grade 5 titanium movement has a power reserve of 55 hours powered by a double barrel system wound by a variable-geometry rotor. Featuring an oversized date at 12 o’clock, a month display at 4 o’clock and a flyback chronograph with a countdown function, this iconic Richard Mille timepiece reveals a fresh new look. The RM 011

TPT® quartz edition will be limited to 50 pieces and only available at the Richard Mille boutiques.


Matthew Maciag

The concept of the Evil Eye, also known as Ayin Harsha in Arabic, Mauvais OEil in French, Dhristi in Hindu and Ayin Ha’ra in Hebrew, is recorded in every culture from early history. This universal symbol of foreboding summons suffering and misfortune to whoever is exposed to its power. The Evil Eye knows no bounds except those imposed on it by various protective talismans, such as the Eye of Horus amulet, the Jewish red string or the Irish four leaf clover, to name just a few. Today, a new talisman to protect against these negative energies in the 21st century has been developed by a visionary of contemporary watchmaking.

 Nonconformist by nature, Richard Mille seized on this imagery as inspiration for the new RM 26-02 Tourbillon Evil Eye in much the same way as he did when creating the earlier RM 052 skull timepiece, recalling the spirit of Memento Mori with its remembrance of our personal mortality. Both of these technical masterpieces, born in the Swiss Jura, go far beyond the norm to bring timekeeping to inspirational and intriguing levels of expression.

The Evil Eye RM 26-02 Tourbillon was designed and brought to life by Olivier Vaucher, a renowned craftsman from Geneva. Fashioned from 3N red gold, the flames and eye have been hand-carved using chisels made specifically to perfect the tiniest details. The art of grand feu enameling is what gives the eye its striking depth and realism. In grand feu enameling, the motif is painted onto the gold dial using various rare oxides before it is fired at a high temperature between 800°C and 900°C several times under the extremely attentive eye of the enameler in a process that leaves no room for mistakes. It is then finished with several more layers of transparent lacquer which are also fired in the identical manner. These multiple layers collectively create an exquisite visual depth impossible to achieve by any other means. To further enhance the realism of this piece, painstaking micro-lacquerwork is carried out by hand on the flames.

 The Evil Eye is nestled at the heart of the tourbillon RM26-02 caliber, a manual winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 50 hours indicated by a red line on a differential-driven, rotating disk located between 10 and 11 o’clock. Assembled using a plate and bridges in PVD-coated grade 5 titanium, which is highly resistant to corrosion and remarkably strong, the tourbillon caliber movement beating at 3 Hz is insured a perfectly functioning environment. The extensive skeletonization carried out on the baseplate reveals the other side of the Evil Eye through the back of the watch, hidden at the heart of the movement.

 The RM26-02 caliber is protected from the outside world by a black TZP ceramic case. The deep black of this high tech ceramic—worked at length to obtain a mat effect over the entire surface—plays with the light of the hand-polished chamfers to highlight the curves of the case, which showcases the colors of the Evil Eye’s flames. The case middle in 5N red gold features a torque limiting crown, which prevents the wearer from accidentally overwinding the tourbillon caliber. The tripartite case is water-resistant to 50 meters thanks to two Nitril O-ring seals, and is assembled using 12 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and washers in 316L stainless steel.

The RM 26-02 is produced in a limited edition of 25 timepieces in black TZP ceramic, which are available exclusively in the 25 Richard Mille boutiques located around the world.


Matthew Maciag

On Sunday, September 6th, over 13,000 people gathered at the Château de Chantilly to celebrate the second Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille with the Jura-based brand. This latest event confirmed the importance of the competition, considered to be one of the finest in the world by both the automotive press and collectors alike, who now rate it without a doubt among the top three international concours d’élégance. The French Ministry of Culture and Communication’s sponsorship of the 2015 edition, as well as a 35% increase in visitors since the first edition illustrate France’s fondness for this event, which has revived an iconic French tradition of the 1920s, but which had since disappeared.

The weekend commenced on Saturday with a polo tournament represented by some of the best international players, organized by Pablo Mac Donough at the Polo Club de Chantilly, a recent Richard Mille partner. Guests had the unique opportunity to join the Argentinean player and brand partner and his team at an Argentine barbecue in a bucolic setting. Following this, the lavish Francois 1er exhibition was inaugurated in the Jeu de Paume room of the famous Condé museum.

The château gates opened on Sunday morning to welcome in crowds of guests who came to admire the finest automobiles in the world and discover – or rediscover – the elegance of the cars of yesteryear with bodywork sculpted by some of the greatest names in automotive design.

The gardens designed by Le Nôtre, who also created the gardens of Versailles, played host to a number of automobile clubs such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Aston Martin. They all shared the 155-hectare park with the greatest manufacturers of our times, such as Bugatti, McLaren and Mercedes, and were joined by the crowning glories of motor racing, such as the 1967 F1 BRM H16 and the 1971 Ferrari 312B2.

 Connoisseurs and families alike were enthralled by the event’s program, which simultaneously celebrated the greatest automotive artists and French expertise and lifestyle, with numerous workshops and activities installed around the château specifically for the occasion.

A panel of around 40 renowned experts judged the three automobile competitions that took place during the day.

The Concours d’Elégance combined the Haute Couture houses with the estheticism of concept cars. Seven fashion models dressed by as many Haute Couture designers walked alongside seven concept cars from international manufacturers. The BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R gained recognition from its peers by winning the most prestigious of titles.

The condition, restoration and historic interest of a hundred cars were assessed in the Concours d’Etat.

The Richard Mille “Best of Show” prize went to Mr. Evert Louwman’s 1936 Mercedes 500 K Special Roadster, which was released from the Louwman Museum for this event.

Meanwhile, the Concours des Clubs featured almost 850 cars from 40 clubs, with the cars judged not only in terms of their presentation and the quality of their restoration, but also the way they were presented during the traditional lunch on the lawn. The Amis de Delage owe their victory in this category to the exceptional participation of their members.

Richard Mille, an automobile enthusiast with a passion for F1 cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s, was awarded the Alain Figaret prize for finest Formula 1 car with his BRM P 115 H16 lightweight chassis 01 from 1967, a unique model. Its 16 cylinder, H-formation, 3.0 liter engine is considered to be one of the most complex car engines ever created.

Richard Mille and Peter Auto are delighted to be associated with this sublime event, which has proved to be a success on the global automobile scene. The third edition is already scheduled for 2016 at the Château de Chantilly, promising another Sunday in the countryside accompanied by some of the finest cars in the world.


Matthew Maciag



Fire glows brightest in the darkest of night. Richard Mille’s new limited edition version of the RM 011

Automatic Flyback Chronograph, “Midnight Fire,” employs high-tech materials to capture the deepest

black of the night’s darkest hour, and ignites it with fiery red details.


Black TZP ceramic is extremely resistant to scratches while not being brittle. For the RM 011 Midnight

Fire, the material is blasted to provide a matte finish, then formed into the front and back bezels of the

timepiece’s tripartite case.


The center caseband of the Midnight Fire is crafted from NTPT® (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon.

Already used in the fields of aerospace technology, the manufacture of racing sales, and Formula 1

racecar design, NTPT carbon is incredibly strong and light, and composed of multiple layers of parallel

filaments obtained by dividing carbon fibers. These thin layers are impregnated with resin and then woven

on a special machine that modifies the direction of the weft, creating a distinctive visual effect that is

reminiscent of precious wood. In addition to the center caseband, the Midnight Fire’s crown and pushers

are also made from NTPT carbon.


A vibrant shade of red sets off the hour indicators, flange and pushers, while white hands maximize

legibility. The Midnight Fire is presented on a black rubber strap with black DLC titanium buckle.

Some of the RM 011’s main features, which include major technical innovations, are its skeletonized

automatic winding movement with adjustable rotor geometry; 60-minute countdown timer; 12-hour

totalizer; annual calendar; and oversize date and month.


The 88-piece limited edition is available now at the Richard Mille boutiques in Bal Harbour, Beverly Hills

and Las Vegas, as well as authorized Richard Mille retailers in North and South America.


Technical Specifications of the RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Midnight Fire

- Skeletonized automatic winding movement

- Dimensions: 50.00 mm x 40.00 mm x 16.15 mm

- Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, month display between 4 and 5 o’clock, oversize date display

at 12 o’clock, flyback chronograph, annual calendar, 60-minute countdown timer, 12-hour totalizer

- Rotor with variable geometry

- Power reserve: 55 hours (without chronograph running)

- Water resistant to 50 meters

- Limited edition of 88 pieces in NTPT carbon and TZP ceramic

- Presented on a black rubber strap with black DLC titanium clasp