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Copy of Our History

There is a right way to approach every endeavor in life. Since our founding in Silicon Valley in 1980, we have had the opportunity to build a luxury company around this maxim. This means you will find an additional layer of quality and thought in the jewelry and watches we offer to our clients. These special pieces are not selected because of trend or brand name. They represent decades of experience and reputation. From our boutique at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, or our salon in Redwood City, Stephen Silver offers an opportunity to experience the truly rare in a manner that is seldom found anywhere else in the world.

Our jewelry is often built by hand in our own workshop and features stones that are globally sourced to ensure their world-class quality. Our workmanship is informed not by what is available today, but by the standards of history’s great jewelers, whose quality has never been eclipsed. Our intent is to create timeless, heirloom quality pieces that will maintain their value as long as you choose to keep them in your collection.

Likewise, our timepieces are curated with an eye to both the past and the future. We have chosen to concentrate on Switzerland’s small independent watchmakers, who have shown themselves to be the most creative force in the industry. These makers, whose production figures are low and talent is high, are highly collectible now and promise to remain so in the future.