All Timepieces

In curating a selection of timepieces that fit our philosophy at Stephen Silver, we chose to concentrate on the small, independent watchmakers in Switzerland and beyond. With limited production and boundless creativity, these are the companies that discerning collectors seek today because they will be appreciated even more in the years to come.
Bell & Ross BR03-92 BI-COMPASS
Urwerk T8 Revolution Skull
HM6 Final Edition
De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels
Bell & Ross BR03-97-STEEL
Urwerk Cobra UR111C in Gunmetal
MB&F Legacy Machine 2 in White Gold and Purple
Urwerk UR105 Clockwork
HYT H20 in Stainless Steel and Blue
HYT Skull in Titanium Blue
HYT H0 Eau Rouge
Hermes Carré H with Anthracite Dial in Stainless Steel
Richard Mille RM07-01
MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual in White Gold
MB&F HM9 Flow Road Edition
Bovet Fleurier in Stainless Steel
Bovet Fleurier in White Gold
Bovet Tourbillon OttanteTre in Rose Gold
Bovet Sergio in Stainless Steel
Bovet Dimier 1738 Recital 11 in Rose Gold
Bovet Dimier 1738 Recital 12 in Rose Gold
Bovet Dimier Recital in Rose Gold
MB&F and L’Epée 5th Element
Ressence Type 3 in Navy
Ressence Type 1.3²RS in Ruthenium and Silver
Urwerk UR110 Torpedo in Platinum and Titanium
Urwerk UR105CT Streamliner Black in Steel and Titanium
Richard Mille RM037 in Rose Gold and NTPT with Diamonds
Ressence Type 1.3RS in Ruthenium, Silver and Titanium
Ressence Type 1²B in Titanium and Black