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Pins and Brooches

13.00 Carat Opal Kissing Fish Brooch
2.30 Carat Vintage Diamond Bow Brooch
0.68 Carat Vintage Diamond Butterfly Brooch
1.40 Carat Diamond and Pearl Bat Brooch
2.82 Carat Green Tourmaline and Carved Jadeite Brooch
16.30 Carat Antique J.E. Caldwell Double-Clip Convertible Brooch
2.15 Carat Estate Diamond Frog Pin
5.10 Carat Moonstone Spider Brooch
Red Coral Brooch
156.51 Carat Vintage Oscar Heyman Aquamarine and Sapphire Brooch

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Many of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s estate jewelry treasures are magnificent vintage and antique brooches and pins – featuring richly creative motifs and incredible concepts.

Shop our selection of rare Art Deco brooches and mid-century modern pin and brooch creations as well as Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s own creative brooch designs – some offering convertible functions to serve as both pendant and brooch. Each brooch or pin is crafted to the highest standards of fine jewelry associated only with the world’s great jewelry houses.