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Urwerk SpaceTime Blade Black Clock
Urwerk UR-100V LightSpeed Watch
Urwerk UR-230 Eagle Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Time and Culture II "Sumer" Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Stardust Watch
Urwerk UR-102 Reloaded Watch
Urwerk UR-120 Lost in Black Space Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Magic T Watch
Urwerk UR-102 Reloaded Watch Set
Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat “Back to Black” Watch
Urwerk UR-100V UltraViolet Watch
Urwerk UR-120 Spock Watch
Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket Watch
Urwerk UR-220 Red Gold Watch
Pre-Owned Urwerk UR-103.05 Platinum Watch
Pre-Owned Urwerk Cobra UR-111C TT Steel & PVD Watch
Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey Titanium and Steel Watch
Urwerk UR-100V C52 Carbon Watch
Urwerk UR-100 Electrum Watch
Urwerk UR-105 TTH Tantalum Hull Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Blue Planet Watch
Urwerk UR-100V T-REX Watch
Urwerk UR-100V Iron Watch
When they were first unveiled, Urwerk’s timepieces set a new bar for Avant Garde watchmaking with their unconventional lines and mechanics. More than twenty years later, the brand that is every bit as powerful and idiosyncratic Fueled by the collaboration between Felix Baumgartner, a watchmaker bent on radically new methods of displaying the time, and designer Martin Frei, who came from outside the watch industry, Urwerk eschews the orthodoxies followed by most of the watch industry. The “satellite system” at the heart of the majority of the brand’s time displays is inspired by a 17th century carriage clock in Baumgartner’s father’s collection, but has been transformed into an ultramodern, moving sculpture. The outside lines are also aggressive, yet surprisingly comfortable and designed for interaction above almost all other qualities. Urwerk’s more recent pieces carry this idea further, allowing you to adjust the rate of the watch and track its service needs in some instances. With this volatile approach to watchmaking, Urwerk is poised for many more creative surprises in the years to come.