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Ressence Type 1 Round Black Watch
Ressence Type 1 Round Multicolor Watch
Ressence Type 3 EE Eucalyptus Watch
Ressence x Hodinkee Type 1 Slim HOD3 Limited Edition Watch
Ressence Type 1 Round Night Blue Watch
Ressence Type 8 Sage Green Watch
Ressence Type 8 Cobalt Blue Watch
Ressence Type 1 Squared White Watch
Ressence Type 3 BBB "Black Black Black" Watch
Ressence Type 1 Slim Red Watch
Ressence Type 2A Anthracite Watch
Ressence Type 3X Dark Olive Green Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 5 Black Black Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 3 White Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 1 Slim White Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 5.1N Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 1 Slim Black Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 3 Navy Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 1²B Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 5.1B Black Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 3.5 Black Titanium Watch
Ressence Type 5G in Titanium Watch
Ressence Type1²N Square Navy Titanium Watch

There is something primal that attracts people to Ressence watches. The form factor, the lack of usual watchmaking tropes, like hands, tell people these watches are different. And indeed, founder Benoit Mintiens does not come from inside the watch industry like so many of his independent peers. He is a industrial designer by trade, and Belgian to boot. His watches are informed by notions of efficiency, functionalism and ergonomics. The very name of Ressence refers to the fundamental essence of timekeeping.

Therefore, the first things Mintiens eliminated were the crown and the hands. In their place came adjustment through the case back and a display made up of discs. His first pieces were made from purchased movements, augmented by posts he sourced or modified in his Antwerp base. Today all assembly is done in Switzerland.

To date his most recognizable work is the liquid-filled Type 3 and its sportier derivative, the Type 5. These take the flush display to the extreme thanks to the smoothing optical qualities of the oil-based filler. The encapsulated fluid is sealed from the movement and the display is driven by a magnetic connection. The more basic Type 1 retains a slightly more industrial look, which is enhanced by colors and a slim form factor. In seasons to come the new Type 2, with a sophisticated electronic setting control and power management system is widely anticipated.