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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR03-94 RS18 Watch
Bell & Ross BRV2-94 RACING BIRD Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-92 DIVER BLUE Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-94 HOROLUM Watch
Bell & Ross BRV292 HERITAGE Watch
Bell & Ross BR0392 NIGHTLUM Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-92 BLACK MATTE Watch
Bell & Ross BR0392 HOROBLACK Watch
Bell & Ross BRV294 BLACK STEEL Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-93 GMT Watch
Bell & Ross BR123 GMT Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-92 PHANTOM Watch
Bell & Ross BRV192 BLACK STEEL Watch
Bell & Ross BR126 SPORT HERITAGE Watch
Bell & Ross BR03-94 STEEL Watch
Bell & Ross BR123 HERITAGE Watch
Bell & Ross BR126 HERITAGE Watch

Bell & Ross is a brand now well known to design aficionados thanks to its iconic square B-01 design. It is not boldness, however, but the functionality of military design that continues to inform their watches since the brand was formed in the 1990s. Partners Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo were both interested in military equipment as well as well as watches, and their earliest pieces took on the rugged build and black dials of 20th century military watches, particularly those designed for aviation. Today these roots can be seen in the company’s round Vintage series, designs that take elements from watches in the two world wars. By contrast the B-01 owes its appearance to an aircraft instrument panel clock. It too, has been morphed into countless versions and colors, proving the versatility as well the longevity of the design.