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8.09 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
1.26 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Station Necklace
3.42 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Ring
4.31 Carat Oval Diamond Bracelet
2.80 Carat Diamond Line Bracelet
6.61 Carat Citrine Earrings
4.17 Carat Rainbow Sapphire Inside Out Hoop Earrings
2.90 Carat Diamond Inside Out Hoop Earrings
33.33 Carat Aquamarine Necklace
3.14 Carat Spinel and Diamond Necklace
2.51 Carat Fancy Deep Yellow Diamond Three Stone Ring
12.01 Carat Yellow Sapphire Ring
3.92 Carat Diamond Line Bracelet
8.12 Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
13.66 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Bypass Bangle Bracelet
18.32 Carat Diamond Bracelet
23.37 Carat Green Beryl and Morganite Earrings
1.47 Carat Diamond and Ruby Crossover Bangle Bracelet
3.01 Carat Oval Diamond Ring
7.00 Carat Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
6.68 Carat Ombre Sapphire Line Bracelet
0.80 Carat Diamond Bangle Bracelet
6.70 Carat Blue Sapphire Ombre Bracelet
21.98 Carat Tourmaline and Black Diamond Earrings

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Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry is Silicon Valley’s leading luxury jeweler. For over 45 years, we have helped our San Francisco Bay Area and global clientele discover the world’s rarest natural diamonds, gemstones, and high-end fine jewelry creations. Stephen Silver’s extensive fine jewelry selection includes classic luxury engagement rings, alternative bridal jewelry, milestone fine jewelry gifts, and high-end fashion accessories including striking and unique earrings, studs, bracelets, cuffs, rings, bands, pendants, and necklaces.

The creative designers and skilled jewelers who staff our local Menlo Park workshop ensure each jewelry piece bearing the Stephen Silver name exudes timeless contemporary style and peerless, heirloom quality craftsmanship. We are also proud to offer the San Francisco Bay Area’s most comprehensive custom jewelry design services.

Our Menlo Park boutique features luxury jewelry set with some of the world’s rarest fancy color diamonds and colored gemstones including classic gems like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, opal, jade, moonstone, turquoise, aquamarine, and tourmaline. As one of the world’s leading gemologists, Stephen Silver and his team actively curates hard-to-find color gemstones including tsavorite garnet, zircon, apatite, beryl, and more – as well as Silicon Valley’s most elite selection of rare authentic estate, antique, designer jewelry, and vintage jewelry from history’s great jewelry houses including Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Bulgari, and more.