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14.49 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Line Bracelet
4.03 Carat Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring
0.81 Carat Diamond Bangle Bracelet
0.81 Carat Diamond Bangle Bracelet
17.18 Carat Moon Quartz Bypass Ring
10.97 Carat Cat's Eye Tourmaline Ring
5.28 Carat Geometric Diamond Bracelet
3.35 Carat Diamond Line Bracelet
27.39 Carat Ceylon Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring
1.35 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
31.65 Carat Maw Sit Sit Drop Earrings
124.17 Carat Turquoise and Apatite Bracelet
290.00 Carat Amethyst Necklace
5.14 Carat Diamond Station Necklace
3.12 Carat Rose Cut Diamond Necklace
13.06 Carat Emerald and Diamond Beaded Necklace
13.35 Carat Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
47.32 Carat Black Onyx, Emerald, and Diamond Earrings
53.09 Carat Lavender Moon Quartz and Spinel Drop Earrings
1.70 Carat Diamond Leaf Earrings
4.95 Carat Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings
1.99 Carat Opal and Diamond Earrings
13.02 Carat Diamond Tassel Earrings
10.00 Carat Pave Diamond Door Knocker Earrings