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Looking at MB&F’s new HM-9 “Flow” timepiece, you may be reminded of landmark car designs like Alpha Romeo’s 1952 Disco Volante or planes like the P-38 Lightning. In fact, the watch, which sits transversely on the wrist in perfect position for a driver, could have been drawn from any of the fanciful post-war designs from either side of the Atlantic.

HM9 Flow

“In the 1940’s and 1950’s, car and plane engineers were actually also artists,” says Büsser. “Before the invention of wind tunnels, car & plane engineers had far more freedom, and their creations were pure works of art.”

With a sausage-shaped case supported by two side pods, the HM-9 seems like one of MB&F’s more extreme designs. Yet, its smooth curves make it surprisingly comfortable to wear, even if you have to get new shirt cuffs tailored to deal with its size. The initial “Air” and “Road” editions with a pilot’s or tachymeter-flavored dial are limited to just 33 pieces in titanium. The movement is powered by twin balance wheels in each pod that are averaged by a differential in the center fuselage, but such features will be nearly irrelevant to collectors who are moved by the timepiece’s powerfully evocative exterior lines.

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