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Do Good While Getting Cash Back for Your Pre-Owned Jewelry

NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott has aligned with Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry on a campaign to benefit Eastside College Preparatory School and Eat REAL. We pledge to donate ten cents on every dollar paid for secondhand jewelry through our remote buying program directly to these organizations, enabling them to provide immediate relief to impoverished Bay Area children, whose challenges have only increased due to Covid-19.

To help, schedule a free video evaluation of your pieces now or go directly to eatreal.org/ronnie to donate directly to the campaign fund.

Sell Your Jewelry

Let Stephen Silver’s World-Class Experts Evaluate and Buy Your Jewelry

With its roots in the estate jewelry business, Stephen Silver has long maintained a buying arm to help its clients liquidate their jewelry as the occasion arises. We invite you to consult with our team of experts who can provide you with an accurate valuation and historical information for individual pieces or entire collections. We buy more than just the high quality pieces in our store. With our global network of industry contacts, we will ensure you receive the proper value for each piece of jewelry or timepiece, no matter its age or condition.


What We Buy

We buy a variety of precious items, including but not limited to engagement rings, wedding bands, vintage and antique jewelry, loose colored gemstones, loose diamonds, signed jewelry pieces from brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, and Harry Winston, and many more. We purchase fine modern and vintage watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and many others. We are interested in rare and valuable estate pieces like fine silver flatware and hollowware, precious metal coins, and more. We also purchase precious metals of all types, including disused, broken jewelry, scrap gold, silver, and platinum.



In addition to buying, SSJ accepts many single items or collections on consignment. Consigned pieces receive the utmost attention, and are exposed to international clientele through extensive marketing efforts. Consigned items are treated with special care, and are insured while in our possession.

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Every Piece Has a Story, and We Want to Know Yours.

The process is simple. Our experts help you understand the value of your jewelry in a friendly, no-pressure environment. Privacy is paramount to us; all transactions and evaluations are kept strictly confidential.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary evaluation of your jewelry, or with any questions.


**During COVID-19 office closures, our staff can accommodate with a secure, private video conference in lieu of an office appointment. Please use the form above to schedule a call or video conference, and provide as much information as possible about the item or items you wish to have evaluated.**




How do I start this process?

It is very simple. Contact us through the form above, email us at Evaluations@shsilver.com or call us at 650-966-7616. We will discuss your needs and either set up an appointment with you or give you direction on what you will need to send us in order to get the ball rolling.

How do I send you my jewelry?

After we have consulted with you to determine your needs, we will send you a pre-paid FedEx label. We can either arrange a pickup for you or you can take the box to a FedEx drop-off location. The package will be insured. Please do not send your items without approval.

Are my items safe and insured when I send them to you?

Your items are absolutely safe while they are in our possession. Once your package enters our office it is opened under video and documented in detail. All items are insured while in our possession.

Do you need appraisals before I send my jewelry?

Existing appraisals, laboratory reports or paperwork of any kind are helpful to the evaluation, but are not necessary. You do not need to obtain an appraisal before showing us your items.

What is your process once you have my jewelry?

It doesn’t matter if you have elected to bring your items to the office in person or send them to us, the process is the same:

    • - We will inspect each item for hallmarks, stamps or other identification
    • - Metals will be tested
    • - Diamonds and Gemstones will be analyzed
    • - Any paperwork will be evaluated
    • - Any research we need to do will be completed
    • - We will contact you after the evaluation is complete
    • - We issue immediate payment by check or wire transfer.

Who will be evaluating my jewelry and what are their credentials?

Our experienced GIA Graduate Gemologists and watch experts evaluate all items, utilizing advanced tools and laboratory equipment. We also consult with our network of professional resources, which extends to watch experts and specialists all over the world.

How do you determine the value of my items?

We evaluate items based on many factors, such as age, style, condition, materials, size, designer and provenance. We use our experience and expertise to find the hidden value in your pieces, which may be overlooked by less experienced buyers. We also evaluate jewelry with the goal of restoring it for our retail store. These approaches yield you the highest value, as we are able to understand the full value of your piece, and cut out the middle man as a direct-to-consumer retail business.

What is the evaluation process like?

The process is simple and transparent. We guide you through the evaluation process so you understand how your items are evaluated, and the scope of your decision to sell. We evaluate all items in front of you, while you wait, whenever possible. We encourage you to ask questions during the evaluation. Our philosophy is to be welcoming and straightforward. You do not have to worry about encountering a surly or dismissive attitude with our friendly, professional team.

How long does it take for you to evaluate my jewelry?

Most evaluations take about 30 minutes, in our office. Items sent by post are usually evaluated within 24 – 48 hours of arrival. We will advise you if more time is required to evaluate unique items or large collections.

What do you need in order to evaluate my jewelry?

Any information you have is always helpful. Lab reports, previous appraisals, original receipts, paperwork and packaging are all helpful, but not always necessary. We recommend providing anything you can, as it only can help add value to your items.  

Will you make me an offer?

Yes, after we evaluate your items, we will make you an offer for items we are able to purchase and explain all of your options.

What if I decide not to sell?

You are never under any obligation to sell. If you have sent your jewelry to us, we will return it to you at no cost.  

Is this process confidential?

Yes, the entire process is confidential. We take your privacy seriously and conduct all transactions with complete discretion.  

How will I be paid?

You have the option of being paid by check or wire transfer.  

How long does it take to get paid?

Payment is immediate once an offer is accepted, and the sale documents are signed. In our office, we write you a check before you leave. In other cases, we overnight a check via FedEx or issue wire payments.

Do you buy broken or scrap jewelry?

Yes, we purchase broken or scrap jewelry. We will purchase precious metals in any form.

Do you buy items other than jewelry, watches or gemstones?

We are interested in seeing any of the precious items you want to sell. Jewelry, watches, color gemstones, diamonds, scrap and broken jewelry, coins, fine sterling silver flatware and hollowware, etc.

If you have any question all you need to do is contact us and we will be able to tell you right away.

My items are not spectacular, like what I see in your store. Should I even show it to you?

We are eager to help you with any type of valuables, from small, single items, to collections of any size and type. Our business is welcoming and non-exclusionary. We want you to feel comfortable showing us anything you think may have value, big or small.

I have never sold jewelry before. How do I know you are the right choice?

We have been in business for 40 years and have a vast amount of experience buying jewelry from the public. We are very sensitive to this being a new experience for you and we are here to help guide you through the process. Our reviews speak for themselves: customers enjoy their experience with us, and the services we provide.

Additionally, we have top ratings with organizations within our industry as well as our community. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Jewelers Board of Trade, Jewelers of America, Women's Jewelry Association, the Silicon Valley Organization, Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce and the Silicon Valley Block Chain Society and many others.

We encourage all of your questions and are happy to give you additional references and resources.

Do you require an appointment?

We recommend appointments so we can ensure one of our buyers will be available to help you immediately during your visit.  

We are able to consult with you both in person and remotely. Please call 650-966-7616 or email Evaluations@shsilver.com to schedule a time to talk.

Do you only buy from people in the San Francisco Bay Area?

No, we purchase jewelry, watches and precious items from people all over the world.  

We are able to work remotely with you or in some cases arrange to travel to you. Each circumstance is unique, and we do not see distance as an obstacle to assisting you.  

What do you do with my items after they are sold to you?

Most jewelry we purchase is sold through one of our global retail outlets. We restore the vast majority estate pieces and find them a new home with our private collectors. We also may design new jewelry using the stones and metals, for some pieces. For broken and scrap jewelry items, we utilize the metals to use in our workshop, which helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

Can I trade my jewelry or watches to you for other items?

Yes, we offer strong trade-in values toward jewelry and watch purchases. What better thing to do with old, unused items than to turn them into something new you will love? It is the best value you can receive when selling jewelry, and we have many clients who take advantage of this service. Please contact us today to begin a conversation about how we may assist you with a trade.

Do you offer appraisals?

Yes, we offer many different types of formal, written appraisals and valuations. For more information, please see the “Services” area of our website or contact us for more information.