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Urwerk 111C

In a break from the angular, ultramodern lines Urwerk has established for itself over two decades, the new UR 111C follows a slightly different aesthetic with its more flowing curves. It is one of the very few times the avant-garde watch brand has broken away from its familiar satellite time display system. Among other surprises is the use of a roller for a crown, a feature that will incite obsessive tactile play. A case-side lever shifts the roller to a time-setting function.

A triple roller display on the watch’s front edge displays the time. The roller in the center moves a dramatic linear (and retrograde) minute display that is placed on a diagonal. Hours and minutes are on the sides. An unusual fiberoptic image conduit magnifies an additional digital seconds display on the top of the watch. The sinuous shape of the piece opens a new ergonomic vocabulary for the brand that is sure to be further explored in future models.

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