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10th Anniversary Retrospective: 2004 Double Tourbillon 30 degree Vision, 5N Red Gold With Silver Dial

Greubel Forsey Watch

From now until November 22nd, Stephen Silver has the entire Greubel Forsey collection together as a part of one exhibit. This is the first time all of the pieces have been pulled together for display and is something that doesn't even happen at the factory.

We will be highlighting each of the pieces in our blog but invite you to come into the boutique and see these legendary pieces in person. This is truly an exclusive opportunity. Starting from Greubel Forsey's inception, here is the piece that started it all.

2004: Double Tourbillon 30° Vision, 5N red gold with Silver dial

Greubel Forsey's first invention is an innovative double tourbillon mechanism (DT30), with one tourbillon - inclined at 30° and rotating in 60 seconds - inside another rotating every four minutes, to average out gravity-induced errors on the oscillator.

The DT30° Vision focuses on the visibility of the innovative invention, while the DT30° Secret has a closed dial merely hinting at the splendid treasure beneath.

The Double Tourbillon 30° system also lies at the heart of Invention Piece 1, although the displays, surfaces, architecture and aesthetics have all been profoundly developed in creating this exceptional timepiece.