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2016 Ushers In New Watch Trends, Colors


The new year is upon us and that means we will once again focus on offering exciting news, events and products. We predict that 2016 will usher in a host of important watch trends for men and women, including the following:

For men, we expect to see a real dichotomy in product with everything from ultra-thin masterpieces to bold, high-tech three-dimensional designs. Skeleton watches (where most of the movement metal is carved away) will emerge strong this year as more watch brands vie to demonstrate their technical prowess. Of course, on the complicated watch stage, we will see more tourbillon timepieces and more perpetual calendar/astronomical watches.


At the mid price, we expect to see more chronographs this year than in the past few years – often chocked with a few extra functions such as tachymeters to measure speed, pulsimeters to measure the heartbeat, dual timers for travelers and calendars for busy executives.

For women, we expect that more high-end complicated mechanical watches will emerge on the scene as watch brands vie for the attention of women who want a mechanical marvel on their wrist. Additionally, lovely diamond watches will remain strong, with some creative uses of diamonds. Women’s sport and simply elegant watches will also be important for work and play.

Photo: courtesy Pantone


Color will also come on strong – and since the Pantone Color Institute announced that Rose Quartz and Serenity (a pale blue hue) will be the 2016 Colors of the Year, you can expect a lot of pink and a “tranquil” blue on the market by second half of the year. Additionally, you can expect to see some interesting mixes of the two tones – making duality important. We believe the mixing of pink and blue will rear its head more in the fashion and jewelry world than in the watch world, where single colors are easier for brands to work with. Although there will be those daring few…

Here’s to a wonderful new year of great times.