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Arnold & Son Brings Horology To New Heights With Constant Force Tourbillon


In one of its newest feats, Arnold & Son has combined two horological complexities into one watch to ward off the effects of gravity and uneven energy output. Part of the brand’s Royal Collection, the new Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon is one impressive timepiece.

Essentially, “constant force” offers consistently released power (from the mainspring) to a timepiece so that it does not run too fast at the beginning of its winding or too slowly at the end of the winding. In some ways, a typical mechanical watch is like a wind-up toy. When first wound, it moves fast, by then it evens out in its action and by the time the toy winds down, it is moving slowly. The same is true of a mechanical watch — although those differing speeds usually only amount to a deviation of a fraction of second in accuracy daily. However, because the mechanical quest is always to be perfect, some watch brands — like Arnold & Son — have developed strategies and systems to offer consistent power to the watch.


In Arnold & Son’s Constant Force Tourbillon, the mainspring (which supplies the power delivery for the watch) and barrel (in which the mainspring sits) have been reconfigured. The new patented system incorporates two mainspring barrels that are built symmetrically and are visible on the dial at the 10:00 and the 1:00 positions. The first mainspring barrel is responsible for powering the gear train. The second barrel and mainspring acts as a back up so that when the power dips below an optimal level, the second one provides extra power.


While the constant force mechanism addresses accuracy-related issues that stem from the transfer of power, the tourbillon addresses the changes in timekeeping that occur due to the effects of gravity on the watch in certain positions. The 60-second tourbillon escapement provides chronometric accuracy and a mesmerizing appeal thanks to the constantly moving parts. The watch also is equipped with a true-beat seconds hand and 90 hours of power reserve. The dial is designed for harmonious balance and every piece — even the screws — are hand finished and polished. The 46mm 18-karat rose gold watch is created in a limited edition of just 28 pieces.