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Bold Heritage

Bulgari updates its groundbreaking Aluminium collection—already in-sync with the times.

By James Malcomson

If someone asked you to name a watch that combined an aggressive, sporty shape with bold colors and a combination of materials that flouted watchmaking conventions, you might be able to reel off a dozen examples from today’s list of Swiss luxury timepieces. But in the year 1998, those criteria would only be met by an unusual novelty from Bulgari: the Aluminium. This month the brand is relaunching three versions of its fun, unorthodox sports watch, and its design and price makes it by turns a perfect gift, an end of summer sports watch or one of those “just because” fashion statements.

Bulgari’s design is notable not just for its use of  lightweight aluminum. It paired the bright metal with extensive use of black rubber giving the piece a bold, high-contrast appearance as well as providing an impact cushion in active situations. The hinged link bracelet is also a unique feature and with the light weight of the case and suppleness of the rubber, provides a high degree of wearability.

Aluminium clearly possesses DNA from the brand’s well-known Bulgari-Bulgari design, but with the contrasting colors, it may be the brand’s boldest design to date. These qualities are manifest in the two new time-only pieces with black or white dials ($2,950) and even more so in the chronograph ($4,250) with its panda counter motif. The new versions stand out from the original in that all possess mechanical movements, a testament to Bulgari’s growing watchmaking capacities.

The Bulgari Aluminium series is now available at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry.

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