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A Different Face

De Bethune creates style options with its new double-sided tourbillon

by James Malcolmson

De Bethune Kind of Two front and back

While De Bethune has long been known as a champion of futuristic and Avant Garde design, its new DB Kind of Two Tourbillon offers potential owners access to a more rarely seen, classic side to the brand’s design ethos. By taking advantage of the “floating lugs” found on the DB 28 model, the brand created a swiveling case system that offers the option of two dials.

One of these is the familiar face of the DB 28 Tourbillon, featuring the new-age finishing and tourbillon aperture of the open-works movement. The reverse side, however, reveals a more classic dial with Arabic numerals and a clearly delineated seconds track. The dial also sports a seconds hand a significant addition considering the fact that the watch’s technical qualities including highly efficient barrels and advanced 5 hz balance design make it one of the most accurate timepieces in the industry.

De Bethune Kind of Two

Followers of the brand will recognize the dial design from the DB 29 Maxichrono, but De Bethune’s riff on classic watch design goes much deeper. Many pieces in the brand’s first collection in the early 2000s offered a similar flavor: classic but with a few unusual touches that hinted at the company’s future direction. And while the company grew its advanced design alongside its technical capabilities, an undercurrent of the classic continued in select models. With the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon, you need not choose.

For an opportunity to see one of the ten pieces that will be made ($250,000), please contact us at boutique@shsilver.com.