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Devon Unveils 'Star Wars By Devon' Luxury Timepiece

Star Wars Timepiece

Devon, a brand we are proud to carry in our store, has just released the limited-edition Star Wars by Devon luxury watch — timed to come out just before the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters in December. The new luxury co-branded Star Wars by Devon watch deftly embodies the Darth Vader villain like we have never seen before.

The synergies between the companies were incredible in that both Star Wars and Devon have pioneered where none else have gone. Devon — a five-year young brand — has fast made an impact on the watch world with its American-made watches that were supposedly impossible to build. But, Devon went to the US aerospace industry and got what it needed.

Star Wars Timepiece

Devon watches are powered by micro technology, by glass-enforced nylon Time Belts and by so much vision that it boggles the mind. The new Star Wars by Devon watch — with belt-driven time indication — is so advanced in design that it looks like it is from another century, or another galaxy, much like the planets and settings of Star Wars.

“We are revolutionary in design; we do something that is totally different from what is on the market,” says Scott Devon, owner of Devon Works. “This is why Disney came to us to make something powerful and different for the Star Wars by Devon watch.”

Devon had eight months to design and bring to the watch to fruition, but didn’t need all that time. According to Devon, his designer, Marko Petrovic, was already a Star Wars fan and, together, they knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish. The watch is based on the brand’s best-selling Devon Tread 1 movement, with notable changes and design elements that make it uniquely sci-fi, including TIE Fighter wings on the case, red and green Darth Vader elements in the movement and more.

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