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Hand-Painted Watches From Hermès Demonstrate Brand's Artistic Prowess

Hermès watches

Hermès watches are all about style, quality and top craftsmanship. So it is no wonder that each year the brand unveils some pretty spectacular one-of-a-kind timepieces that demonstrate its prowess at watchmaking and artistry. This year was no exception, as the company showcased several beautiful nature-inspired watches with exquisite hand-painted and engraved dials. In this year's pieces, in fact, engraving and translucent enamel work come together to showcase the superb abilities of the brand's designers and artists, and to underscore the brand's dedication to the theme of nature this year. The theme is inspired by the drawings of Robert Dallet, a French artist who is renowned for his depictions of animals in nature. He was a friend of the Hermès family and even designed scarves for Hermès, including the famed Jungle Love scarf.

Hand-Painted Watches

While each watch is assigned to one boutique worldwide, and usually sells quickly, each beautiful work of art reminds us that Hermès is so much more than we think. Stop by any time to see our collection of Hermès watches.