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How Many Watches Should Be In Your Watch Wardrobe?

We often get questions about what constitutes a watch wardrobe. Is it five watches or six watches, or a dozen or more? There is no easy answer, and the answer varies depending on the person. But with June being the month of graduations and Father's Day, the subject is worthy of discussion because watches are the perfect gift to help start or boost a watch wardrobe.


Watch pundits say you can never have too many timepieces, and watch collectors often buy again and again (though many are hard-pressed to sell their beloved stash). According to the last watch collector survey conducted by LGI Network, the true collector owns approximately 19 watches. The average person, however, may not need a "wardrobe" of so many watches and, instead, may be able to get started with just a few.

Generally, for young adults just starting their collection (grads), finding a nice, classic watch as they enter the working world is a good bet. Similarly, they should also own a good sports watch that they can get rugged with on weekends and not worry too much about harming it. In fact, most men (and women, for that matter) should have at least one sporty watch, a dress watch and maybe a high-tech watch, as well.


Many men see the watch as the one item that can make a true statement about their personalities, hobbies and likes. After all, you can't bring your car to the boardroom with you, but you can bring your watch. As such, men may want a nice selection of timepieces that reflects their take on life, work, play, etc.

Women, especially the fashion-conscious, see watches as a true accessory. Often for them it is not so much a question of a sports watch, a classic watch and a dressy watch, per se, but more a question of a steel watch, a two-tone watch, a gold watch and watches with varied color straps.


The key to owning watches and making them into a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle is wearing them, talking about them and — believe it or not — checking out what's new in the world of watches on a regular basis. But beware: When you start searching around, you may get smitten. The watch-love bug often bites when you see all of the amazing timepieces on the market.