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HYT Unveils Black Liquid In New Ghost Watch


HYT — the brand that has built a name for itself in four short years thanks to its HydroMechanical watches that use fluid to indicate time — unveils the H1 Ghost. The new model, based on the original H1 released four years ago, uses a black liquid as opposed to the green liquid used in the prior release — making it a more sleek and stealth version. It also offers new indications.

Essentially, in these watches, the liquid is moved through thin glass capillaries by bellows and air pressure. There is a traditional minute indicator at 12 o’clock, but the hours are read by the position of the liquid as it travels along the periphery of the dial. In the dark, though, not only does the H1 Ghost display the elapsed time, but also the remaining time up to 6:00. When the fluid reaches its designated end, it performs a retrograde movement and returns back to the reservoir.

Even though the liquid is black and is designed to not reflect or transmit any light, it will still shine like the stars thanks to HYT’s placement of Super-LumiNova that illuminates the capillary from underneath along its entire translucent stretch. The innovation took almost 12 months to create. The watch its crafted in black DLC titanium and just 50 pieces will be produced.