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Match A Terrific Timepiece To Mom's Lifestyle For The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Yes, it is almost Mother's Day. In fact, Sunday is the big day, and if you haven't already thought about a way to delight the mom in your life, now is the time. Flowers and candy are nice, but the gift of time is even nicer. A watch is something that will remind her of you and this special Mother's Day every time she looks at her wrist.

Bell & Ross

You don't have to break the bank to give a great timepiece, but you do have to give it a little thought. What is the lifestyle of the mom you want to honor? Is she active? If so, look at a chronograph that can time her activities, runs, gym workouts and more. Is she getting up there in age? Then consider a watch with a beautifully legible dial — easily readable without glasses on. Perhaps mom has a favorite color? Some of the nicest watches today can be found with colorful dials or with a painter's palette of colored leather straps. White is always a great choice for Mother's Day, too, as we enter into the bright beauty of spring and summer.

Other considerations include if mom would prefer a watch with a quartz battery, or one that is mechanical — some moms really do like mechanics. Others may like the moon and the stars, and there are wonderful moon phase and astronomical watches on the market. Is she a busy executive doing business in multiple time zones? Consider a GMT watch or one with dual or triple-time-zone indications.


And then, of course, there are the truly sophisticated, high-end watches that certain top brands offer. Those watches can be haute horlogerie (with complications, such as perpetual calendars, skeletonized movements or more) or haute joaillerie — bedecked in diamonds or colored gemstones. Indeed, the list goes on and on. If you can't think of the right gift for Mother's Day, you just haven't looked at our watches yet. Stop in — but soon. Mother's Day is Sunday.