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Modern Medusa

Imagine.  Her gown floating upon the ancient stone footpath of the misty garden, hair tousled with curls and serpentine braids.  She meets the morning sunrays and glows of amethyst and gilded gold.

Meet Medusa.

Every year around the holidays, we receive a handmade Stephen Silver piece we've worked on with our friend Eugene Lee.  His visions for our gems are so spectacular that every time we see his beautifully hand crafted pieces come in, the whole office gets excited – this year is no different.  

This special treasure took over a year and a half to perfect.   Medusa is a snake inspired necklace that highlights an 80.85 carat Emerald Cut Amethyst surrounded by 1.65 carats of Diamonds.  The inspiration for this piece came from a series of books photographing venomous creatures.  These serpentine images guided Eugene as he attended to every perfect detail of Medusa’s snake.

It is difficult to say what the main attraction of this creation is, the Amethyst itself or the gorgeous gold hand woven kidskin leather chain.  This striking piece is worthy of one special earthly being. 

You will want to see this one in person.  Book an appointment to see her at our private salon or at the boutiques in the Rosewood Hotel.