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Pure Whimsy

MB&F HM10 watch soldier shot Stephen Silver

MB&F's HM10 Bulldog is what the world needs now

by Victoria Gomelsky

You might say Maximilian Büsser has gone to the dogs—literally.

Last month, the brand debuted its tenth Horological Machine, the HM10 Bulldog, a whimsical wristwatch that pays tribute to its canine namesake with features such as aluminum time-display “eyes”; four lugs that evoke the dog’s stout legs; a big head that offers a view of the brains of the mechanism; and a set of mechanical jaws that serve as an unconventional power reserve indicator—once wound, they close over the course of 45 hours.

MB&F HM10 timepiece alt view

Conceived five years ago, when a vision of the Bulldog appeared to Büsser while he was on a bus from his Tokyo hotel to Narita International Airport, the piece comes in a $105,000 titanium edition as well as a $120,000 titanium and red gold edition.

MB&F HM10 Bulldog alt view

According to Büsser, the Bulldog marks the beginning of a new era in his creative process.

“The first part of my creative process was incredibly linked to my childhood,” Büsser says. “I had a lot of anger and was trying to prove something to myself and to the world. Eight years ago, I met my wife-to-be, we’ve had two children, we moved to Dubai, and a lot of that anger is gone. I’m much more relaxed, more fun-loving, and I have way more empathy than I ever had. The Bulldog is fun and it’s cool. And it makes me smile.”

MB&F Bulldog Watch Profile

The wristwatch—which measures 45 mm across and 54 mm from nose to tail—is also something of a “best of” model, combining elements from the brand’s most iconic timepieces.

“Without even realizing it, we incorporated a lot of what defines MB&F into the Bulldog,” Büsser says. “It’s a kinetic art piece, with the eyes of the HM3 Frog, a balance wheel and escapement borrowed from the brand’s Legacy Machines, two crowns from the Aquapod and Flying Ts, mobile attachments from the HM4, and, from one side, it looks like a Jetsons spaceship, a bit of a comic book thing. It’s all these things that have defined us, with lots of fun.”

HM10 back view MB&F

For more information or to pre-order the MB&F HM10 Bulldog, contact boutique@shsilver.com.

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