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Ressence Designs a Clean and Clear Winner with the New Type 8C

Ressence Stephen Silver

Ressence Purifies its Watchmaking Values in its Newest Type 8C

Imagine if you will, a new Ressence watch that is simpler than before and if anything, a purer expression of the kind of timekeeper designer Beniot Mintiens intended all along. This is the essence of the new Type 8C, first of an entirely new product family from the Belgian-designed, Swiss-built independent maker. 

The new type 8C has not sacrificed any of the qualities we have come to expect from Ressence. The case is a pure round shape with minimal concession to the attachment of a strap. Winding and adjustment are still crown-less and performed via the case back. A complex ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) module still translates the rotation of an automatic Swiss mechanical movement into the idiosyncratic time display for which the brand has become known.

Ressence Stephen Silver

The display, which has been pared down to the basic orbiting hours and minutes, is perhaps that watch’s best quality. Free from the subdials that characterize all of the other Ressence watch families, the Type 8C is the clearest form of Benito Mintiens’ “Hands-Free” time display concept. Without the subdials, the dial also offers new aesthetic vistas. The dramatic curve of the matte cobalt blue dial is more apparent and offers a greater play of light than on other Ressence models thanks to the clean surfaces. As with other minimalist designs, subtle details like the shapes of the hour and minute indications, each engraved and then filled with SuperLuminova, are also easier to admire.

The case of the Type 8C is machined from Grade 5 titanium and weighs in at just 42 grams, making this one of the lightest and most wearable models the brand has produced. The clean round shape is accentuated by a subtle skirt, which hides the attachment to the strap. The pure round form and stark dial layout make the Type 8C a striking watch, even from across the room.

Ressence Stephen Silver

The Type 8C will retail for just $14,800, making it a new entry level for the brand. As such, we anticipate an unusual level of demand for the piece, which may involve a wait as the company devotes a portion of its limited production resources to the new model. Interested parties are encouraged to call the store to see when future deliveries will be secured.

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