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SIHH Report: Hyt Gives Us A Close-Up Look At The H4 Metropolis Watch


This year for the first time, SIHH, the world's most luxurious by-invitation-only watch exhibition, has invited nine independents into its fold to exhibit alongside the likes of many of the finest brands in the world. Among those invited is HYT — masters of hydromechanics.


The brand gave us an up-close look at its newest watch, which, like all its others, displays time using fluid. The H4 Metropolis, however, is the brand's first watch equipped with two LEDs as light sources. Once activated, the lights emit a blue light off the dial, which glows green at night — making the time perfectly visible. Additionally, the light flows into the caliber, bringing the architecture of the mechanics to life. Just about 100 of these watches will be built in a 51mm DLC titanium case.

For those unfamiliar with HYT, the brand uses two billows to move colored liquid around the face of the watch to indicate the hours and minutes. While we will bring you more news about the H4 Metropolis and other new watches from HYT for 2016 after SIHH, feel free to stop in any time so you can see for yourself how the watches work.