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Speake-Marin Adds Personality and an Architectural Flair to your Watch Collection

Speake-Marin Stephen Silver

The name Speake-Marin is not one that is generally familiar—unless you’re really into watches. Longtime dedicated collectors will probably not just know the name, but also know the watchmaker.

For years Englishman Peter Speake-Marin has been one of the most approachable watchmakers in Switzerland, partly because he is a rare English speaker in a Francophone craft, and partly because he’s a genuinely nice guy who is always at the ready to explain watchmaking to eager listeners.

The eponymous watch company he created 20 years ago has long been approachable as well, offering unique horological flavors at reasonable prices. Speak-Marin was well ahead of the curve in redeploying English design codes from the 19th century with modern Swiss movements. 

Speake-Marin Stephen Silver

While Peter Speake-Marin is no longer involved with the company—he gradually diluted his stake and officially left in 2017—the company continues its traditions of accessibility and uniqueness.

Speake-Marin is now  majority-owned by the Rosnoblet family, whose wealth derives from ownership of a franchisee of the European Carre four markets. Christelle Rosnoblet, who has been active with the brand for the last ten years is now CEO.


A major part of her strategy for the brand is to pack in even more horological content. To do this, she has invested in an upcoming complicated watch specialty firm, Cercledes Horologers, and tapped them for the creation of a number of proprietary movements. 


The One&Two collection, introduced in 2017, exemplifies the new Speake-Marin theory of watchmaking.

The design inspiration is clearly architectural, seen in the dynamic movement design that takes center stage in the brand’s openwork models.

Certain unconventionality can be seen in the placement of the seconds subdial at 1:30, a position few within watchmaking’s establishment would consider.

These watches have grown in complexity and visual depth as they have been refined in the last few years. The One&Two Openworked Dual Time is a prime example of the brand adding a function that fits within its unusual architecture.

Unconventionality and rarity are values we try to uphold at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry and make Speake-Marin a natural fit for our collection of independent watchmakers.

With their singular appearance and attractive prices, they make a great selection either as a first delve into independent watchmaking or as a love-at-first-sight addition to your collection.

Speake-Marin timepieces in the SF Bay area at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

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