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These Factors Constitute A Great Dive Watch For Summer

Under Water

Earlier this week, we wrote an article about water resistance. At the close of that story, we noted that if you have a 300-meter water-resistant watch, you can do deep diving with it on your wrist. Here, we bring you a look at what constitutes a true dive watch.

A host of top watch brands offer high-precision professional dive watches that are equipped with all sorts of important features that help to make these watches impervious to the rigors of the deep. Often watch brands seek outside help from experts in the dive world as they build their professional timepieces.

To be a true dive watch, the timepiece should meet certain standards depending on whether one is snorkeling, scuba diving or deep sea diving. For diving, the true minimum should be 300 meters of water resistance. Some people may choose a 200-meter water-resistant watch — but only if staying within 100 meters of the surface.


Other than water resistance, a true dive watch should include the following:

• One-way rotating and ratcheted bezels to measure elapsed dive time;
• SuperLuminova hands and markers for easy underwater readability;
• Anti-glare crystals;
• Rugged materials, such as titanium,steel, carbon fiber, etc.;
• Expansion bracelets for use over wetsuits;
• Depending on the depth one plans to go to, a helium escape valve.

Additionally, today’s dive watches may — depending on the brand — also offer other important features, such as double- or triple-locked winding crowns, additional gaskets, silicon "O" rings, extra-large crowns, alarm functions and double-locked bracelet clasps.

Most dive watches are also COSC-certified chronometers. Chronometers are watches that have undergone rigorous testing by the Controle Official Suisse des Chronometres (COSC) observatory over a period of time. The watches are monitored in various positions and under different conditions of pressure, temperature, depth and gravity.

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