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A New Podcast Discusses All Things Watch Related

A New Podcast Discusses All Things Watch Related

Watch collecting is a pastime that manages to touch business, culture and technology as well as craftsmanship. Join us as we touch on this remarkable depth and meet some of the personalities of the watch world. The new Timely Matters podcast goes far beyond the watches at Stephen Silver, discussing issues that affect the entire industry and fuel your passion for the craft.

Episode 1 The Pandemic and the Watch Industry

Have you wondered how Covid 19 might roil an industry already seething with change? In this first installment of our Timely Matters podcast, we put that question to some of the highly experienced watch industry professionals and collectors in the Stephen Silver community. We think you’ll be fascinated to watch the brands, business and culture of Swiss watchmaking navigate these many challenges.


Episode 2 The Auction Perspective

Meet Paul Boutros, Head of Watches, Americas for Phillips auctions. Paul is a fixture in the vintage watch community and a longtime collector himself. From his perch he shares a unique third party perspective on the forces that drive demand and valuations for the world’s most collectible watches. Paul will also shed light on how the independent brands are poised to grow in this elite segment.