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Two-Inch Canvas: Presenting The Watch Dial As Art


Over the past decade, the watch industry has witnessed incredible growth in the concept of presenting the dial as art. A canvas of sorts, this space — tinier than two inches in diameter — has become a home for artists to reinterpret techniques and timeless themes.

Much of this is not new, but rather is a new interpretation of old techniques and arts, such as hand painting, sculpting, gold working, straw weaving and mosaics. In an article on a Swiss watch website, veteran watch journalist Roberta Naas said, "If we lived in the age of the Renaissance, many a timepiece dial would hang on the walls of the Louvre."


This may well be true. Top watch brands (and the artisans they work with) are vying to find the most creative mediums to transform the watch dial into a work of art — a rare and poignant rendition of geometrics, florals, animals and other scenes that steal our hearts.

Indeed, it seems that as more brands explore the unexplored and as more brands look to the past for visionary inspiration, we will see incredible newness in this nearly 500-year-old mechanical watch world. Check back in the coming days as we bring you a look at some of the stunning dials on timepieces we carry in our store.