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Ulysse Nardin Unveils Proprietary Anchor Tourbillon

Yes, BaselWorld did wrap up about a month ago, but the watches unveiled there will only begin to make their way to markets around the world beginning this summer and fall. We will have many new timepieces to talk about in the coming months.


For now, one of the watches we were impressed with comes from Ulysse Nardin, in the form of its own new Anchor escapement tourbillon. Translated in French as whirlwind, the tourbillon escapement is one of the most beautiful complexities, thanks to the continually rotating components. Essentially the tourbillon escapement is a device that compensates for the errors in timekeeping due to the effects of gravity when the wrist is in different positions. It is one of the most impressive feats in haute horology today.


The new Ulysse Nardin Anchor Tourbillon is a blend of technical mastery and aesthetic elegance. The proprietary movement — made in house by the brand after eight years of research and development — offers the Ulysse Constant Anchor Escapement, with tourbillon, eight days of power reserve and extended wear resistance thanks to the high-tech silicium and DIAMonSil components.

The Ulysse constant Anchor Escapement, caliber UN-178, is different from other constant force escapements and is a world’s first. The constant Ulysse Anchor escapement is made entirely of silicium and utilizes advanced flexible mechanism principles that continually exert force to deliver top precision. Add to that the elegance of an enamel dial and it is quite a nice representation of how dedicated to perfection the brand is. Just 18 pieces in rose gold and 18 in white gold will be created.

Ulysse Nardin Watch