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Urwerk Continues to Make Leaps Forward With the new UR-100V

Urwerk Stephen Silver

Urwerk Makes the Case for Time and Culture


The versatility of the UR-100 model needs no further proof than the multiple editions that have been brought to life since Urwerk first introduced the watch in 2019. By adding a case cover over the satellite system, Urwerk has discovered a new dimension of aesthetic possibilities. Hence the latest UR-100V Time and Culture I promises to be the first of a family of themed watches, each exploring man’s historical relationship with time.

Urwerk Stephen Silver

The first edition ($77,000) pays tribute to the Aztec Calendar, and is elaborately engraved with motifs taken from the “sun stone,” one of the most significant extant pieces of Aztec art. A quick glance at the watch immediately indicates the detailing and the depth to which Urwerk has gone in decorating the piece. That however, will only be the first part of the new owner’s discovery.


Urwerk Stephen Silver


“The watch conceals certain secrets,” says Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner. “We have sprinkled our work with hidden references. The discerning eye will be able to make out a signature, an acronym, a Mayan numbering to be deciphered. It's a real treasure hunt.”

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