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Scaled to Fit

Urwerk’s Latest T-Rex Roars In

by James Malcolmson

Showing just how adaptable Urwerk’s popular new UR-100 model can be, the brand has decorated it with one of the most dramatic surface treatments it has ever developed. The UR-100V T-Rex boasts the same concentrically ribbed pattern in bronze it developed in 2016 for its UR-105 T-Rex. The deeply etched bronze case clearly evokes the hide of a prehistoric reptile and perfectly fits with the brand’s highly tactile design ethos.

Urwerk T-Rex Stephen Silver

The pattern has also been artfully adapted for this particular watch. The etching on the upper plate of the case has been tightened so that it perfectly matches the ribbing of the crown at 12 o’clock. The decoration is also scaled to fit with the highly visible time displays—both the satellite system and the space-time readouts—under the generously domed sapphire crystal.

Like Urwerk’s previous UR-105 T-Rex (one of its quickest sellers), the UR-100V T-Rex ($57,000) has been made in an edition of just 22 pieces for the world, a fact which will make the opportunity to purchase a piece a fleeting one.

Urwerk T-Rex case back

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