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Why Traditional Watches May Trump Smart Watches In The Luxury Category


It seems that while Smart watches are popping up all over the marketplace, not everyone is interested in the high-end models. In fact, it looks as though Apple is no longer selling its 18-karat gold watch (which carried an average retail of between $10,000 and $17,000).

This may be because Apple execs have learned that they can't tread in the classic watch category. After all, it is difficult to expect anyone to spend $15,000 or so on a watch whose technology needs to be constantly updated. That money can be better spent on a fine timepiece with a pedigree of watchmaking history.

While most consumers seem eager to have a smart watch that can track steps, sleep patterns and more — in addition to receiving messages and alerts — this category of watch just won't steal away customers' interest in owning a traditional timepiece.


Additionally, some watch brands, including Movado, Frederique Constant, TAG Heuer, and even Breitling, are really embracing the Smart watch or connected concept, and are unveiling a couple of traditional watches that have the connected angle. This may well be to demonstrate to today's customers that the traditional watch can be cutting-edge, too, and may be the "smarter" choice.

Even in the fashion arena, designers are jumping on the Smart bandwagon. Last week, during New York Fashion Week, Michael Kors showed off his newest Smart watch, the Michael Kors Access smartwatch featuring designs based on the brand's most iconic styles. We expect to see more designers, watch brands and tech brands strutting their stuff in the smart category — but predominantly in the under $2,000 price range.

There just doesn't seem to be room in the luxury world of noble metals and mechanical prowess for a $15,000-and-up connected watch.

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