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Yellow Streak

Urwerk Clads its Popular UR-100 in Yellow Gold

 By utilizing a yellow gold alloy for the case of its the latest version of UR-100 “Space Time” Urwerk is tapping into an aesthetic that had all but disappeared from watchmaking by the time the young brand released its first models at the beginning of the century. Of course the new watch is no throwback. The slightly antiquated look suggested by the yellow metal skin contrasts and highlights the technology of the movement inside, which is starkly cast in black PVD and green lume.

That juxtaposition has prompted the company to informally nickname the edition C-3P0, a Star Wars reference that recalls the Millenium Falcon comparisons made to the brand’s first model. This watch however, has actual astronomic functionality. In addition to the signature satellite system time display, the watch also tracks the distance the earth has rotated as well as the distance the earth has traveled through space on its orbit, each 20 minutes. It’s a philosophic twist on space time that gives the wearer a slightly different perspective each time he or she reads the time.

The Urwerk UR-100 also happens to be the most wearable and accessible wristwatch the brand has produced, and previous versions have rapidly sold-out. Only 25 pieces of the yellow gold version (retailing for $60,000) will be made. Please contact the store and we’ll arrange to have the piece shown to you.