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Hermes Arceau with Diamonds and Matte Indigo Leather Strap
Hermes Arceau Petite Lune with Mother of Pearl Dial and Smooth Ember Leather Strap
Hermes Mini Medor with Diamonds and Smooth Geranium Leather Strap
Perhaps one of the most delightful surprises in watches is the quality of the timepieces by Hermès. True to its reputation for artisanship, Hermès has created an integrated watchmaking organization of its own, which includes a stake in a noted Swiss movement maker, and of course its leather straps, which are—naturally—recognized as the best in the business. Top-level components though are just a small part of the company’s offering. Its real strength is design, which can be readily appreciated in its models, many of which have been refined over many years. Both the round Arçeau and the softly rectangular Cape Cod are classics that have been adapted to both sexes. The spikey Médor secret watch and the famous Heure H are much bolder, but retain a playfulness that has made them popular for decades.