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Innovations from Cyrus Watches Mark an Independent Brand on the Rise

Introducing Cyrus Genève

Swiss independent watchmaking is a community that is both diverse and interconnected—two qualities that led us to one of our latest additions, Cyrus watches. Seeing them for the first time in our cases, you will immediately be struck by their bold design, typified by the cushion-shaped Klepcys case, which often features open works dial formats and a wide range of complications.
Cyrus is a young brand, having been founded in 2010 by Swiss brothers Julien and Laurent Lecamp, with financial backing of the Richard family, which took over full ownership in 2014. The name refers to the ancient Persian king Cyrus the Great. A rare coin minted during his reign is a prized family heirloom of the owners.
Perhaps an even more savvy investment for the brand’s owners was a stake in Chronode, the specialty watchmaking facility founded by Jean-François Mojon, one of the true technical luminaries in the watch industry. (Our collectors may remember Mojon for his work on the movements for MB&F’s groundbreaking LM1 and LM2 watches.) Cyrus’ close connection with Chronode allows Mojon to function as technical director for the brand, and gives Cyrus access to its own design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities—an extremely enviable position for an independent brand.
Watches like the Klepcys Alarm show the full potential of Cyrus’ expanding technical capacity. Utilizing part of a minute repeater mechanism (partially visible through the dial, this timepiece fuses old-world horological charm with a profoundly modern functionality—an adjustable alarm—and houses it in a cutting edge design executed in black-coated steel and titanium. The same modern energy permeates the rest of the Cyrus collection, and with Mojon and his technical wizardry onboard, we can expect much more in the days to come.
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