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MB&F’s HM11 Architect

MB&F’s HM11 Architect Redefines “Home Appliance”

Max Büsser is nothing if not specific about the influences on the design of his watches. In the case of his latest exotic Horological Machine—the HM11 Architect—it is the Organic movement in architecture, which in the 20th century espoused harmony with nature and balance in form. Many of its practitioners also included surprise and playfulness in their creations. Büsser very clearly touches all these points in his home-like HM11, which may be his most compelling Horological Machine in a decade.
HM11 is composed of four horizontal transepts surrounding a central open tourbillon under a sapphire dome—the atrium of the home. Each of the four transepts houses a separate horological function. An oversized crown with large sapphire inserts is the metaphorical front door to the home. Moving clockwise, the wearer finds a time display, power reserve and a thermometer with a traditional bimetallic mechanism. Markers for all these displays feature a rod and ball motif that might have been plucked from a 20th century modernist fixture.
The design of the case, rendered in titanium and astonishingly complex curved sapphire, reflects both the organic curves and the futurism so often seen in this school of architecture. Most surprisingly, the case itself rotates, enabling the wearer both to present the aspect of the\ watch he desires at the moment, and to wind the movement through high-efficiency gearing.
HM11 offers all the imagination and idiosyncrasy we have come to expect from MB&F’s Horological Machines. The focus on organic architecture has another important byproduct: it is eminently wearable. Its rounded plan shape, smooth curves and restrained 42mm diameter means it sits easily on the wrist and subtly invites you in for a closer look. HM11 is available with upper plates in blue or red gold in quantities of 25 pieces each for the world. We expect this piece to attract significant demand, so please indicate your interest as soon as possible.
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