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Style Writers Swoon Over This 80-carat Emerald-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Back in early April, jewelry designer JS Diamonds posted this incredible 80-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring on its Instagram page, along with the caption, "Not your every day ring!! 80 carat emerald cut #diamond #bigrock." Over the next four months, the post accumulated 567 likes and 90 comments.


But, then on August 6, the fine jewelry blog Gem Hunt reposted the ring on its Instagram page, and the results were astonishing.

Not only did the post earn 2,700 likes and 327 comments in just four days, but it also caught the attention of style writers from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, WhoWhatWear and Brit + Co., among others.

The writers seemed to enjoy the fact that the 80-carat diamond was far larger than even the blingiest engagement rings worn by such A-listers as Kim Kardashian-West (15 carats), Ciara (12-15 carats) and Mariah Carey (35 carats).

One scribe did some quick math to extrapolate the approximate value of the 80-carat stunner. If Carey's ring was worth $7.4 million, she reasoned, the much larger ring would probably sell for more than $15 million.

In Cosmopolitan UK, readers were asked about their preference of engagement rings: "big and bling" or "understated and simple." Then the writer injected her own opinion: "Well, after seeing [this] ring, your dream scenario may just hit new, extravagant heights of sparkling, shiny beauty."

The writer concluded that although this style might not be for everyone, and that less-is-more is just as beautiful and elegant, "there's no denying that this would turn a few heads. Do you fancy yourself sparkling in it?"

At Marie Claire, the style writer asked her readers, "Would you wear it, if you could? Is this really the dream engagement ring?"

"Knowing that your carat count is higher than Mariah, Kim K and Ciara’s combined would be a pretty fun statement to throw around at parties," she wrote, "and there’s no doubt you’re going to turn heads with this, blinding all onlookers."

She conceded, however, that with a rock that big, some people would think the diamond was a "shard of cubic zirconia."

A writer at WhoWhatWear.com admitted the 80-carat diamond engagement ring was unlike any jewelry she's ever seen.

"We came across the hugest diamond engagement ring we've seen in a long time. Scratch that—it's the hugest one ever," she wrote. "The emerald-cut stone is a whopping 80 carats! We can only imagine what it feels like to put a ring like that on your finger. It's nearly half the size of the model's hand and is probably pretty heavy. In any case, it's stunningly beautiful."

And Brit + Co. summed it up perfectly, when a style writer concluded, "Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be shocked by the size of a diamond after seeing examples like Ciara’s jaw-droppingly giant engagement ring and double-band diamond sparkler wedding ring, BAM, here’s an 80-carat engagement ring to totally blow your mind. That’s right, 80-whopping-carats of stunning diamond beauty that is truly beyond spectacular."