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Urwerk is Back in Black for Summer

The New Urwerk UR-120 Lost in Black Space is Designed Around Darkness

While most watch collectors associate summer with the bright colors of their favorite resort locations, Urwerk has decided to celebrate the season with one of its darkest and most powerful creations.

“The UR-120 Space Black is all about the power of black in design,” says Martin Frei, Urwerk’s longtime designer. “The use of black not only exudes elegance but also fundamentally transforms our perception of the object. Black works its magic by subtly distorting our judgments of size, while intensifying the watch's contours to create a truly mesmerizing effect.”

Almost every surface of the titanium and steel UR-120, save the brand’s signature neon yellow hour markers is coated in matte black to absorb almost all incoming light. Certain elements, like the UR-120’s newly designed satellites, remain uncoated so they can be fully appreciated.

The new satellite system, which splits the numeric hour indicator into two rotating blocks is Urwerk’s most complex and fascinating version of the system to date. As the hour leaves the minute track it splits and spins into the new hour along its orbit, leaving the observer looking not at the time, but the intricate mechanical ballet performed inside the case.

As with all Urwerk watches, production of the $123,000 timepiece will be extremely limited. Interested parties are encouraged to contact our boutique as soon as possible to inquire about allocations.
Contact the Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry team today to inquire about allocations and to find out more information about UR-120 Space Black.