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Timely Transactions

Stephen Silver launches a jewelry buying program designed for Coronavirus

Jewelry and Watches to sell

“Like everyone affected by the Coronavirus crisis, we are adapting what we do as a business to meet the needs of the moment,” says Stephen Silver. But for Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, the adaptation is really a return to very familiar territory. The company has just announced the launch of a new remote buying program that will enable people to liquidate jewelry, watches and other precious items over the internet and for immediate payment.

“Those people who have known our business in Silicon Valley for many years may know that we started in the estate jewelry business,” continues Silver. “That expertise is the core value of the company, and we have imbued it deeply into our buying team, so that clients can have the utmost confidence that their precious items are receiving the most accurate and highest valuation possible.”

To take advantage of the program, prospective clients can contact the buying team through a form on shsilver.com. Pictures or video provide the basis for a preliminary evaluation, followed by an insured FedEx transfer for a final evaluation—eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings. Returns are made at no cost, and clients are under no obligation throughout the process. Once offers are accepted, payment is virtually immediate through check or wire transfer.

“I think most people are aware of the quality level we maintain in the store,” explains Silver. “Our buying program, however, is nearly universal. We always love to see interesting pieces with a story, but thanks to our contacts in the trade, we can also find a home for anything from flatware to scrap gold, and give you the best prices for them. Some people may have jewelry that they’ve been wanting to sell for a while, but other people in the area may need ready cash during this crisis. We’d like to think this will help in some way.”

For more information, visit shsilver.com/pages/sell-your-jewelry.