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The new UR-100 “Time and Culture II” Puts the “Ur” in Urwerk

UR-100 “Time and Culture II”

Credit to designer Martin Frei that Urwerk’s latest edition of its UR-100 watch looks nothing like any other of the brand’s watches, while keeping all of the brand’s identity. The UR-100 Time and Culture II “Sumer” is an ode to Sumerian civilization, perhaps the first civilization in the modern sense that existed in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) well over 5,000 years ago. Among their many achievements, including writing, was the first known measurement of time. This development, which included divisions of 60 minutes and seconds, was one of the original inspirations for Urwerk’s identity. Ur was one of the principal cities of that civilization.
Both the case and the movement cover under the crystal are engraved with Sumerian astronomic symbology, including representations of the sun god Utu in the center, and the moon god Nanna. Star charts with legends in cuneiform are inscribed around the periphery. The engravings on this watch are outstanding, and has been executed to a fine degree of accuracy through laser engraving. The motifs have been given further enhancement with micro brushing and sandblasting processes. Together with the blue treatment—prompted by the Sumerians’
veneration of lapis lazuli—the engravings give this UR-100 a completely unusual and contemporary look.
The 30 piece UR-100 “Time and Culture II” is $83,000. As has been the custom with this brand, allocations will be determined by interest, so early inquiries are highly recommended.
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